Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble – the new hot and happening game on Facebook.  Kitchen Scramble is a time management game, where you need to serve your customers the food they ordered in time. The game challenges players with running their own food truck, cooking dishes for hungry customers while keeping an eye on their patience meters. The more customers you will serve successful, the more coins your earn. Your driver and cook is Pepper Mills , a young women with big dreams and put her best in the work!



After a long time Playdom/Disney brings out this interesting game. This game gives you a little change since it’s a time management game and gives you a break from all the puzzle games on Facebook. In this game you also get to explore the local cuisines of Pittsburger, Mozzaroma, Waffleton and more as you manage your kitchen and bring fantastic fresh food to the masses!

In the first few levels the game will seem very easy to you. Since there will be some customers ordering limited foods. The game will give you challenging levels as you level up. Marinating the order and serving the customers in time will take a lot of effort. In this site you will find all the latest updates and game tips regarding the game. So stay with us to catch all the fun and many more for Kitchen Scramble.

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